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Kabayan Beach Resort

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kabayan Beach Resort (formerly Laplaya Beach Resort) opened in 1996. As with every other endeavor, Kabayan Beach Resort started small. In fact, it was initially just a rest house for the owners who wanted occasional breaks from the hustle and bustle in the metropolis. The serenity of being in the midst of clear blue waters and fine white sand never failed to rejuvenate them. Eventually, they were encouraged to share their place and provide areas where people can recharge and soothe frayed nerves...

Kabayan started by building two small fan cottages and a pavilion. Not long after, demand for more cottages grew not only from private individuals but from corporate clients as well. Now, Kabayan Beach Resort boasts of 19 well-appointed air-conditioned cottages and a multi-purpose hall for social and corporate requirements such as parties, weddings, seminars, and the like.

Kabayan Beach Resort is a pioneer in many ways. They were the very first resort built along the white sand beach of Laiya, San Juan Batangas. When others followed and built fan cottages as well, Kabayan upgraded their cottages and built air-conditioned ones. Soon after, others followed suit. Still, Kabayan managed to come up with services and amenities that are uniquely theirs —a few of which are: KTV rooms, a television set with cable service at the pavilion and in all of the cottages, a chapel with anticipated mass every Saturday, dormitories and a multi-purpose hall for seminars, a beach side bar, and a swimming pool for adults and children. Needless to say, Kabayan Beach Resort constantly strives to establish better standards of products and service—all for the continued satisfaction of their guests.

Kabayan Beach Resort takes pride in the amenities/ activities they have made available for guests’ pleasure and enjoyment. One will always find an activity suited to one’s personal style— whether slow and quiet, or action-packed—because Kabayan caters to the varied interests of its guests.

* Beach Volleyball
* Kayak
* Cove Hopping
* Snorkelling
* Hiking/Trekking
* Massage
* Billiards
* Lifeguards
* Playground

For more information, please visit their website at:


Acuatico Beach Resort

The beach resort derived its name ACUATICO from the Spanish word “water”, signifying its inherent business character and accentuates ACUATICO’s most prominent feature – a 700 sqm. infinity-edge pool that seems to assimilate with the blue waters of the adjacent sea, and distinctly differentiates it from other resorts in the area. The Infinity Pool is complemented by a Jacuzzi, a kiddie pool and a floating bar at the pool’s center.

ACUATICO offers Balinese-inspired villas with well-appointed rooms complete with amenities, an infinity pool, and unique Day Tour areas for tourists and guests who want to relax in elegance and style. It serves the best in food and accommodates guests’ requests - whether the cuisine be local or international – to suit their tastes.

ACUATICO’s corporate philosophy is to provide a high-class deluxe resort under a friendly atmosphere south of Manila and ensure premium leisure experience and complete satisfaction to all its guests.

It anchors its activities on exerting its best in meeting the various needs of its clients, rigidly implementing a set of values predicated on excellent service, optimum quality, adaptable flexibility, cohesive teamwork and solid commitment, ever conscious of its highly-motivating slogan – “Happy Guests, Happy Employees and Happy Stockholders.”

Fast gaining popularity, the resort is operated by Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel, Inc. and managed by husband and wife team, the latter having extensive exposure in hotel management and operations. The resort is staffed by fully-trained personnel whose affable and courteous manners immediately put the guest at ease and settle him into a feeling of confidence and comfortability.

ACUATICO Beach Resort is a bona-fide member of the Association of Laiya Resorts Owners (ALRO) and is currently completing the necessary documents for accreditation with the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Facilities and Amenities

Readily viewed as a premiere getaway in Laiya, ACUATICO offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities:

1. Modern Balinese-design villas with rooms carefully angled to give guests a spectacular view of their choice: the mountain or the sea. Each room is fully furnished.

- Deluxe guestroom amenities & toiletries
- Wall-mounted 32” LCD television with satellite system
- IPOD docks with Alarm Clocks in selected rooms
- Air Conditioning System
- Multi-point water-heating system
- Telephone system
- Resort-wide wi-fi internet access

2. An infinity-edge pool, the only facility of its kind in Laiya. With Jacuzzi and a kiddie pool.

3. A floating bar at the center of the pool

4. Day Tour areas with special attractive features

5. A restaurant and dining area affording a panoramic view of the infinity pool.

6. Well-manicured tropical garden

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Matabungkay Beach Resorts

A long brown sand beach that goes for 5-kilometers, located at the town of Lian, Batangas in front of the China Sea. Well-liked among local and foreign tourist alike. It’s clear waters ideal for water sports such as yachting, swimming, boating, fishing and skin diving. Along the beach are several summer cottages. Excursions are presented by local boatmen to Fortune Island, an uninhabited isle off the coast. It is feasible to rent floating bamboo picnic huts anchored out over the reef, which is a good base for snorkelling and partying.

The experience of having white beach, a beautiful sunset and the unsophisticated atmosphere made Matabungkay a drive-away beach destination for tourists coming from Manila and nearby provinces. It is also one of favourite destinations of call center parties or team-building activities.

The area has little to offer other than swimming and watching the sunset but good enough for an inexpensive trip. Unlike other beaches, Matabungkay offers practical options for low-budget vacationers. Families who are incapable to afford costly restaurants bring their barbeque sets and cook their food the way they want at the beach or at their rented open cottages. Others spend their day barbecuing on the shaded raft floating several meters off the shore. These floating sheds are rented out by villagers which they remark a purely Matabungkay way of picnicking.

For posh tourists, they can choose from luxurious resorts located along the right strip of the beach.

Watch this video on Youtube about the view at Al Fresco Resort, Matabungkay Beach:


Balai Resort

If you are looking for vast open spaces or a sweeping views of the sea, Balai Resorts are perfect place to enjoy the outdoors or just relax and have fun.

Two exotic settings await you along the lush breezy coast of Batangas. Both locations are fitted with features that make for an extremely pleasant escape. Quaint cozy cottages. Wide open decks. Sumptuous buffet meals. And all less than three hours away from Manila.

There are 2 Locations to choose from:

1. Balai Resort Anilao
San Teodoro, Anilao, Batangas

2. Balai sa Laiya Resort
San Juan, Batangas

You can download their rates here:

Balai Resort Anilao rates click here

Balai sa Laiya Resort rates click here

Visit their website for more info:


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